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The principle behind hydromassage is that it combines the benefits of massage with the therapeutic use of warm water. Hot tubs are a simple example of this principle, but HydroMassage is more targeted. HydroMassage uses the pressure of warm water to help relax muscles, increase circulation and relieve muscle tension and pain.

Traditional hydromassage therapy is centuries old. In fact, it was a popular form of musculoskeletal treatment in Greek and Roman times. The Roman baths were a place where you could enjoy the benefits of a soak in warm mineral waters along with a massage treatment. The benefits of hydromassage were rediscovered in the 1960s, and this form of therapy has been gaining popularity ever since. The technology, however, has changed significantly since Roman times, and now you don’t even need to immerse yourself in water to receive the benefits this form of therapy can provide.

Some chiropractors use a modern HydroMassage water massage bed in their practice. This is a hands-off form of massage that is received while fully clothed (apart from taking off your shoes). You lie on top of the HydroMassage bed and use the attached touchscreen to choose the program you want, much as you would in a Jacuzzi. However, the options for the HydroMassage bed are much greater. It begins by sending a powerful wave of warm water down the length of your body. The touchscreen allows you to program the pressure and location of the waves for a fully customizable massage.

A HydroMassage session typically lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. Among its benefits are that it doesn’t involve disrobing or the use of messy oils, and it doesn’t take too much time out of your day. You are in charge of the speed and intensity of the massage and can target it to wherever you feel it is needed most, including your upper or lower back, calves or feet. The touchscreen also allows you to do other things while receiving your massage, such as listen to music, watch a movie, read a book or surf the internet.

Some of the health benefits you may enjoy from having a HydroMassage include the following:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased joint flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Tension headache relief
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased oxygen absorption
  • Relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, pregnancy, tendonitis, and other conditions
  • Faster recovery from athletic workouts
  • Reduced stress and increased sense of wellbeing

HydroMassage beds have become very popular for a variety of reasons. They can be used either as a supplement to traditional massage or as an alternative, depending on each patient’s health goals and personal preferences.  If you’re interested in learning whether a HydroMassage might be for you, just ask your local chiropractor. You may find it an easy and affordable way to relax and rejuvenate!

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