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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I’ve been coming here for about 2 weeks now and this place offers some of the best customer service and Dr. Gutierrez is the best. He’s really informative. I have one more session left out of 4 and I will definitely be coming back for more. I came in with shoulder and neck pain and slowly getting better thanks to Dr Gutierrez. ”
Armando H.

Downey Ca

“This place is awesome! I was in a car accident some years ago and suffered multiple back injuries. I went in and had a consultation with the staff to discuss my issues and concerns. They setup some appointments for me and that’s when the healing process began. Everyone is polite and sincere to your specific needs. I occasionally drop in for some minor maintenance to keep the body and soul aligned’ Thanks Doc!
Gary C.

Los Angeles ca

“I was experiencing some horrible pregnancy related lower back and hip pain.  The pain had gotten so bad I would have to call out sick from work because I couldn’t even get out of bed.  I looked on yelp as I usually do and found “Get Aligned.”

I gave it a shot since it was less than 5 minutes from my house, I didn’t have to have an extensive exam at the initial visit and the package deal was extremely affordable.  I’ve gone for 2 of my 4 visits and each time I leave feeling better than I did when I first arrived.  The difference I felt after the first visit was unbelievable.

For the first time since about 2 months into my pregnancy I was able to enjoy a day out with my family without feeling the excruciating lower back pain from being on my feet all day.  I definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs an adjustment once in awhile and can’t afford to pay $55-80 a visit.. ”

Gloria O

Santa Fe Springs Ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Make An Appointment?
Nope, Nada No Way, walk right in anytime during our business hours 10am to 6pm Monday Through Friday. except lunch time which is 1 pm to 2pm daily.
What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our service, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the service or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy patient.
What happens On The First Visit?

Great Question..On Your First Visit You Will Fill Out Some Quick Forms and  a licensed Chiropractor Will Take A History Of Your Pain. After He has Reviewed Your Complaints , He will Then With His Hands Gently Adjust The Areas Of Your Spine That He Finds Mis-Aligned To Help Alleviate Your Pain.

How Much Do I Pay If its My First Time?

On Your First Visit You Only pay $29 for your First Adjustment.

I Cant Come More Than Once A Month Do You Offer Other Plans?
Yes, Ask The Front Desk For Our List Of Plans Available.

Don't Be Shy


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.


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