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Spinal pelvic stabilizers are a specialized form of orthotics worn in your shoes to help treat posture, balance, and spinal alignment problems. Unlike more general orthotics made to treat conditions such as overpronation, spinal pelvic stabilizers are designed to support all three of the arches of the foot that support your body and give it more stability when standing or walking.


Why would chiropractors treat my back and posture problems with inserts for my shoes?

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, this form of treatment actually makes a lot of sense when you stop to think about it. Your feet provide the foundation that supports your entire body. When your feet are supported properly, they carry your body’s weight more efficiently and effectively, and help to give you more stability when standing, walking, and running. These lightweight, custom-made devices work by helping your feet (and thus the rest of your body) adapt more easily to stress and movement. They absorb shocks and reduce repetitive stress on your joints and muscles. By providing the proper support for your feet in every situation, they help prevent problems with your ankles, knees, pelvis, spine, and neck that can result from these other joints compensating for compromised arches in your feet.

What types of conditions can be effectively treated with spinal pelvic stabilizers?

These custom orthotics are often used when treating patients whose work requires them to be on their feet for long periods of time as well as patients who are physically active and wish to avoid injuries and perform at their best. This includes people in professions like construction, nursing, and retail who must stand and often carry heavy objects. It also includes athletes who jog, run marathons, lift weights, or enjoy other sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, or golf. One 2001 study of the use of spinal pelvic stabilizers by experienced golfers established that the inserts had a positive influence on the length of their stride and other components of their gait, and improved the symmetry of their movements. About 71% of them felt that their balance was improved, and 50% felt that they were hitting the ball more effectively. Also, 38% reported improved scores. The golfers using custom spinal pelvic stabilizers reported considerably less fatigue after playing a round of golf. That’s a lot of “payoff” from a pair of inserts placed inside your golf shoes!

Spinal pelvic stabilizers have been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, and have been used effectively by doctors of chiropractic to treat a wide range of conditions, including chronic neck pain, whiplash, lower back and hip pain, knee and ankle pain, performance injuries such as shin splints and heel spurs, and foot misalignment. Used in conjunction with conventional chiropractic manipulation and other lifestyle changes, they can often speed recovery from injuries and proactively keep other postural problems from occurring.

How do I know that spinal pelvic stabilizers are right for me?

Each set of orthotics is custom designed after a thorough examination in which the chiropractor measures not only your posture and spinal alignment when standing, but also in motion, analyzing your gait while walking or running. Your chiropractor may use advanced digital imaging techniques or make custom impressions of your feet to ensure that your orthotics fit properly. He or she can also recommend designs and materials that provide the right combination of support, flexibility, cushion and durability for your lifestyle.


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