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Pico Rivera Pi Lien Doctor

Pico Rivera Pi I Lien Doctor

We Are The # 1 Pico Rivera Pi Lien Doctor Your Looking For…

Pico Rivera Pi Lien Doctor Location Click To CALL 1-562-861-1600

Why?…   Not Only Do We Work On  A Lien Basis..

-ALL Personal Injury Cases Accepted. We Work With Many Attorneys and Can Assure You That We Understand The Difficulty In Settling Cases.

-Also We Will Get The Medical Report To Your Office Within 1 Week of Discharge, We Guarantee Your Satisfaction with Our Quick Turn Around.

 Pico Rivera Pi Lien Doctor

We monitor progress and manage care and ultimately meet the goal of full recovery. We provide excellent customer service, communication, attention to detail and passion for serving our Patients.

We Understand Good care means more than just treatment. A doctor that is uncooperative in getting records out keeps a client from referrals to specialists AND harms his legal case. A doctor that over or under treats also does harm.

Finally, where bills are a potential problem, we will Work On A Case By Case Basis. 

Pico Rivera Pi Lien Doctor


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