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pico rivera chiropractic patients speak about back and neck painHeres What There Saying About This Pico Rivera Chiropractor..

“My experience has been wonderful here at Gutierrez Chiropractic. The staff is great! The doctors as well, are very helpful and the treatments are excellent. If any of my family or friends need a chiropractor, Dr. Gutierrez is first on my list!!!”

Susana Canizales, Los Angeles, CA

“Before coming here to Gutierrez Chiropractic, I had hip and back pain. Little by little, I’m getting better with the therapy and services provided by Dr. Gutierrez. I recommend Dr. Gutierrez and his personnel to anyone who is in the same position I was in before!”

Hilda Portillo, Pico Rivera, CA

“When I came to Gutierrez Chiropractic for the first time, I had a lot of pain. The adjustments and the therapy has reduced the pain significantly. Now I feel better in many aspects!”

Araceli Duran, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Gutierrez has given me great therapy and exercises to help me. This is the best chiropractor’s office I have ever been to. He has helped me more than any other chiropractor has. I now feel so much better! I highly recommend Dr. G to anyone!”

Ramiro Roman, Compton, CA

Heres what There Saying About This Pico Rivera Chiropractor…

“I was injured in a truck accident and I have improved so much here at Gutierrez Chiropractic!”

Peter Rodriguez, Pico Rivera, CA

“Before coming to Dr. Gutierrez, I had pain in my hands for 8 months, with no relief. I couldn’t work, or do daily activities due to the pain. Then one day I saw Dr. Gutierrez’s ad in a magazine and made an appointment. Within the second week, I noticed I didn’t need to take the prescribed pain medication. At 4 months, I can now write again! Thanks, Dr. G!”

Maria Diaz, Long Beach, CA

heres what There Saying About This Pico Rivera chiropractor…

“When I came to this doctor’s office, I had a lot of pain in my body, especially my back and legs. It was pain I could not live with. Now the pain is lessening and the therapy has helped me so much! I am healing slowly but surely!”

Jose Ortiz, El Monte, CA

“I was in an auto accident that left me with serious lower back aches. One call to Dr. Gutierrez was all it took to begin my road to recovery. I was quickly assessed and treated. I’m always greeted with a smile when I come to appointments and my questions are always answered. I feel more like a guest not a patient!”

Anthony Mariscal, Rosemead, CA

“I’ve had other physical therapy before, but none compared to the attention I got at Gutierrez Chiropractic! I feel like they actually listen to my needs and concerns. I can already feel my flexibility coming back day by day. Thanks to Dr. G and all the staff!”

Erika Moreno, Whittier, CA

“Although this is only my second visit here, I love the communication and therapies provided. All the questions I’ve had had been explained to me regarding my case. I first came here because my daughter recommended Dr. Gutierrez. I saw the progress she has made which gave me the confidence to come here as well!”

Bertha Avila, Downey, CA

I am actually feeling a lot better coming here with gutierrez quiropractico, i like the service and the people they are very friendly and make you feel welcome. i want to thank everybody here cause i just get what i need, i really appreciate the help and the massages they give me rest.

Blanca Ramirez

I was in a really bad accident that caused several cuts and bruises, i didnt think i would start feeeling better or even get better at all. As soon as i started therapy here at gutierrez Chiropractic, I started fe feeling much better,and I had a quick recovery. The Staff here is amazing  and very flexible. :0

Jazmine Baltazar

Coming to Gutierrez chiropractic was a healing experience,i was having trouble sleeping in every position due to some back injuries, but after a couple of months of chiropractic therapy i feel like new again, the staff here are very friedly and the doctor is very good. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. obviously no place is perfect, the only thing i did not like was its always cold, but that might be for sanitary reasons.

Cesar Navarro

Pico Rivera Chiropractor Is Ready To Serve You Aswell.


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