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 Chiropractor in Pico Rivera ca Reveals Free Car accident and  Injury Report…



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Have you recently been involved in an automobile collision? Dr. Gutierrez and his team specializes in auto accidents.

If so, did you know one of the most stressful aspects of living in modern day life is dealing with the problems that arise after an automobile collision?

Were you also aware that automobile accidents are not usually ‘accidents’ ?  The word accident implies an incident, which results from some unavoidable circumstance.  However, there is almost no example of a truly unavoidable automobile collision. Most collisions occur because of momentary neglect as where a driver takes his/her eyes off the road, or from following too close, or going too fast.

All such collisions are avoidable if people would exercise proper control and not be careless.

Such careless people take from the victims their right to be free from injury; their right to be without pain and disability; their right to be hassle free and to be left alone.


A careless driver can strike any person at any time, robbing them of their most basic and important possession: their good health, both physical and mental.

       Revealing the secrets most insurance companies don’t ever want you to know, and the most common hidden injuries missed by competent doctors.

Let’s go back to your accident site immediately after the collision.

Most people state they feel dazed and confused during the aftermath at the collision site.  During this time, if you’re conscious, you begin to realize you have been involved in an “accident”.

Our natural human instincts begin to kick into action, and the initial thought process goes something like this:

“Am I Okay?”

“Are my passengers (if any) Okay?”

“What’s the condition of my car?”


“Oh, I wonder if the other person is Okay?”

It’s normal to initially think of our own well-being before we think of others.

If any person involved is not suffering from an apparent life threatening injury or appears to have no broken bones or major cuts, then most often an ambulance is not called.

Here is where the problem begins… the attention immediately begins to shift towards automobile damages, and of course…


For the time being, your life has not changed.  All of your daily habits, responsibilities and leisure time have been wiped away by the the complications that will be created by this ‘ accident’.  The prior stresses your might have been dealing with will not compare to the hassles and inconveniences that an automobile accident victim experiences.

Later, the inevitable thought occurs anywhere from one hour to five days after the time of the accident.

“Am I Really alright?

Not only are automobile accidents a inconvenience and a hassle, you may have noticed that ever since the accident, you have not been feeling like your normal self.  You’re experiencing obvious pains and symptoms like muscle stiffness and spasm, neck pain, headaches, numbness and tingling, mid back pain, low back pain, difficulty sleeping, irritability, memory loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and many other problems.

Or Worse, You May Be Injured And Feel Nothing At All!

Either way, you might find yourself at the local hospital by either self-admission, or taken by an ambulance.

Let me make this perfectly clear.  The emergency room technicians (doctors, nurses, aides, etc.) are trained to detect life-threatening conditions and provide appropriate care as needed.

If your injuries do not fall into this category, then after the evaluation you’ll be sent home with pain and sleep medication, anti-inflammation medication and muscle relaxers.

Now It Gets Interesting.

During your initial days of taking these ‘medi-cocktails’, you get a call from an insurance adjuster representing the person who caused the accident.  These are highly trained individuals who deal with accident claims all day long.  They are calling to get information to settle this case immediately.  They understand you have been to the hospital and released.  They also understand that NOW is the time to settle while you’re on all those medications.

Injured people feel less injured under the influence of medications.

It is usally hospital policy not to give a second prescription.Their job is finished.  If you complain of injury, they will recommend you to see your family doctor or general practitioner for your injury.

Welcome to the medical ‘loop of crazy’!!!

The general practitioner is a competent doctor of medicine.  However, this type of doctor does not specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of auto accident victims.  These collisions cause underlying soft tissue injuries that victims may be unaware of, and family doctors may not be able to handle.

The loop begins when the doctor continues to prescribe all those medications.  Despite the effects of the drugs, you still feel injured and simply, not the same person.

As each day goes by, and the injuries continue to be inappropriately treated, the body produces dysfunctional scar tissue at the sited of the injury.

This continued incorrect healing process egins teh initial step of future conditions, the most common being Scar Tissue and Post-Traumatic Osteo-arthritis.  This form of arthritis can ruin your posture (giving you a slumped or hump backed appearance).  It also causes the vertebrae discs in your spine to degenerate and create scar tissue formation leading to chronic stiffness and spasms.

                              Remember, The Purpose Of Medications

                       Is To ‘Numb The Pain and reduce the inflammation’

                                     Not Correct The Injured Problem.

            The next step for the general practitioner will be to refer you to a physical therapist.  The therapist is under direct order and supervision by the doctor (the same doctor who is not specialized in this type of injury).  Since the therapy is based on the doctor’s diagnosis this leads you through misguided protocols of treatment.

Most Doctors Are Not Trained In The Detection Of These Hidden Injuries… And That’s A Fact!

Four to eight weeks later, you are done with physical therapy.  You are still in pain and the injury feels worse!

You don’t want to go back to therapy, and you’re sick and tired of taking all those medications.  The sad part about this ‘loop of craziness’ is it’s not over with.  At this point, the doctor is at a loss as to why you’re still hurting.  So you are referred out, normally to an orthopedic surgeon.  The orthopedic evaluation is simple…

                                          Surgery Or No surgery?

As a matter of fact…

Current medical research states most of all soft tissue injuries occurring from auto accident patients do not require surgical intervention.

This brings us to the closure of this medical loop I call ‘crazy’.  Since a small fraction of all soft tissue injuries caused by auto accident require the need for surgery, you will likely be told the following…

“There is nothing we can do… You may have to live with this for the rest of your life.”

This is a big mistake.  Don’t let this happen to you!!!

Oh, and remember the insurance claims adjuster who called you earlier, well, you can expect more calls to your house as soon as they receive your doctor’s report.

The claims adjuster’s interpretation of these repoorts is…

“Your doctors are finished, and your pain will eventually go away on its own, so let’s settle this case NOW and put this behind you.

That’s A Gigantic Mistake!


A lot of auto accident victims receive inapproriate care from hospitals, medical doctors, or physical therapy clinics.  Then, while the underlying damages and pain is hidden or numbed with drugs, they settle their case.

Again, Don’t Let This Happen To You!!!

If you do, you may experience pain, numbness, headaches, muscle stiffness, fatigue, and other problems, including arthritis, for many months and years ahead.

Nothing is more important than your health once you start to lose it.

So, the big question is…

How Are These Hidden Injuries Detected?

First, when you have been in an auto accident, you need a doctor who is trained and specializes in the biomechanics of the human body.  That means he or she can perform routine physical examinations with orthopedic and neurologic tests, as well as special tests that assess those hidden functional soft tissue damages.  In addition, special x-rays can be takes to find out if there has been any structural damage.

As a matter of fact, most general practitioners are unaware of these specific examinations and x-ray analysis methodologies.  Without proper traning, a doctor can overlook many damaging injuries resulting from a condition called whiplash.  Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or ‘snapped’ back and forth very quickly at speeds as slow as 5mph.  Whiplash is the most common injury in auto accidents.

About 20 Million People In The United States Have Suffered Whiplash Damage.

                                              Are You A Whiplash Victim?

Did you know?

Your neck is jam-packed with nerves, glands, tubes, blood vessels, lymph nodes, and 48 different joints.  Add to that your brain stem, spinal column, discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fluids, meninges, and more!

The Chances Of You Becoming A Whiplash Victim In An Accident Are Extremely Good.

In addition to disc and other soft tissue damage, whiplash causes spinal column misalignment and irritation, stretching or impingement of the nerves and spinal curve.

Proper evaluation and treatment by and injury specialist can make the difference between…

Sure Recovery Healing And Strength Vs.Lingering Pain, Sickness And Disability

Our name is Gutierrez Chiropractic.  We have been treating auto accident victims in the Pico Rivera Ca  for 15 years now.  My office is located at 8445 S. Rosemead blvd Pico Rivera Ca 9066.

We have the friendlist staff you will ever meet.  They are well trained in handling the sometimes-confusing paperwork that needs to be filled out to make sure your rights are protected and your injuries are properly documented.

If you have been in an auto accident recently, then you have important decisions to make.

Please make these very serious decisions carefully.

Q: What if my car sustained only minor damage?

A: Documented studies done by specialists Charles Carroll, M.D., Paul McAtee, M.D., and Lee Riley, M.D. revealed that:

“The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical neck (spine) of the occupants.”

In other words, the severity of the injury to the passengers is not necessarily directly related to the damage to the vehicle.  Most insurance adjusters love to convice you differently, they like to say “your damage was not that bad so you can’t be hurt that much”.  Be careful!

Q: I definitely feel injured from my accident; however, I have a history of related types of aches and pains, and records of treatment.  Does this harm my case?

A: No. This is why you need to see a specialist who is familiar with this circumstance.  There is always a rason why you may feel injured or differently following an accident.  My job is to identify specifically your new injury or the flare-up of an old one.  Either way you are entitled to recovery.

Q: Should I retain an attorney? And should I have one before or after I see Dr. Gutierrez?

A: It is always important to take care of your well being as soon as possible.  First priority is to get checked by a doctor and begin, if needed, the appropriate treatment.  Most public assumptions regarding the use of an attorney is to ‘sue the pants off someone.’  Attorneys Help You With Your rights so they don’t get violated. You may need the protection.

Remember, the responsible party’s insurance company has many attorneys, usually very good ones.  You may need all the protection you can get.  This can be done before or after treatment.

         Q: If I need treatment for this injury, do I have to pay for it myself as the treatment is rendered?

No, if you have ‘medical pay’ on your policy, this means your medical bills will be paid 100% up to a specific amount based on your policy limitl.  My office manager can assist you in obtaining this information.  Using your ‘medical pay’ will not raise your rates.  However, if you do not have ‘medical pay’ on your policy, then we will accept and attorney lien on the case.  This allows you to get treatment and then have the bill paid when your case is settling.  Again, fee free to call, my office manager can help you with this information.

      Q: Does your treatment hurt?

A: Absolutely not.  I specialize in advanced care for both children and adults.  My therapies are very gentle and quite soothing.  Most patients can hardly wait to get their care.

  Q: Is your care safe?

A: Yes, extremely.  Particularly when compared to the side effects of overly prescribed medications and/or inappropriate use of surgery.

With the information given, it is time to take action!




For A Free Consultation And Evaluation



Thank you for you time and I hope reading this report was helpful to you!



Dr. Joel Gutierrez

Doctor of Chiropractic



P.S. – If you are undecided on becoming a patient, need help, have more questions, or need more information, set up a free consultation and let my staff know that you only want a consultation. Bring all your documents you have, such as MRI results, reports, and other correspondence. I will be happy to help you sort it out.


          P.P.S. – I have had patients tell me that having a consultation with me helped them understand more about their auto accident claim than talking with their attorney. If you told me you had an attorney who never or rarely returned your calls, I would not be surprised, because I hear that a lot.


Let’s wrap it up: There are usually a bunch of letters that you have been sent which may include terms you do not understand, or raise questions about what you should do. Although I do not give legal advice, I can often clear up what is happening, explain what benefits are available, and how they would apply to you. I think it is hard enough having a work-related injury without understanding what is going on, or worse, not getting the treatment you want and need. These claims can and often do drag on and on until they are finally resolved. In the meantime, being in a complete mystery as to what is happening is never helpful, it just adds to the stress and often the upset of it all. Please feel free to call my office if you need some help. That’s what I am here for!


My office is ready to  Serve You!

I have an injury care center in Pico Rivera: 1-562-861-1600

(We are extremely competent and busy. If your call goes to voice mail, do not call back – just leave a message!)



MONDAY Through  FRIDAY 10am to 6pm

WARNING:  Making a false or fraudulent worker’s compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five (5) years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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