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Chiropractic care provides a number of benefits for the people who choose to take advantage of it. Recent studies show that chiropractic care is more effective than medicine in relieving neck pain. Studies also show that including chiropractic care in an integrated healthcare approach can lead to a reduction in pharmaceutical costs and hospital admissions.

There is no denying that chiropractic care is beneficial, but does it have a place in on-site clinics? A recent study suggests that it might. A study conducted by Cerner Health Clinic in Kansas City, MO has found evidence that chiropractic services found in on-site health centers can lead to benefits for both employees and employers.

The study compared a group of patients who received chiropractic care at an off-site clinic against those who received care at an on-site clinic. Their results showed that the convenience of having on-site care led to more employees substituting chiropractic care for medical care. This led to fewer physical therapy visits and outpatient visits, saving employees time and money.

The study also shows that employees who take advantage of on-site chiropractic care may use fewer medical resources. Chiropractic care is comprised of conservative, non-invasive treatments, and patients undergoing this type of care may be able to avoid more costly surgery and hospitalization. Employers whose employees can receive on-site medical care may also benefit from a reduction in indirect costs, since healthy employees use fewer sick days and are more productive while they are at work. For example, think of an employee who receives medication to address a back ache. The pain reliever may impact his ability to think clearly and do his job to the best of his ability. Alternatively, he could have the problem addressed by a chiropractor and return to his desk clear headed and ready to work.

Finally, on-site chiropractic care can lead to a boost in morale that benefits both employees and employers. Employees will appreciate having convenient access to effective health care, resulting in a more positive work environment. Employers will enjoy improved relationships with their employees and benefit from increased productivity.

On-site chiropractic care can lead to a number of benefits for both employees and employers. The quality care that a chiropractor can give will help keep employees feeling at their best, allowing business to run smoothly and productively.

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