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We all have had our own battles as we try to fit in today’s cruel society. Sadly, one of the most common reasons why people start smoking is to look cool in front of friends and be accepted. It is funny how many people are willing to risk their good health in exchange for being accepted in today’s society. The media is not at all helping set the facts straight with regards to smoking as it somehow adds to the illusion that smoking is cool.

Truth is smoking gives nothing but a whole load of disadvantages and a bunch of feel-good illusions. Here are the three ugly truths about smoking that everyone should know and understand:

1.       Smoking increases mortality.

Do you know that statistics indicate that more people die from smoking than any other reason including that of accidents, alcohol, drugs, and even AIDS when combined? Smoking puts every organ of our system at risk and causes a myriad of other diseases aside from lung problems. It increases an individual’s risk for having pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, cervix cancer, and of course lung and throat cancer.


2.       Smoking interferes with good health.

Do you know that smoking can interfere with your body’s capability to carry a baby? Smoking has known adverse effects on our body’s systems including the reproductive, cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory system. It can cause a woman to experience preterm labor, stillbirth, and increase chances of low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.


In men, smoking has proven to cause early impotence and erectile dysfunctions. Smoking can also cause permanent damage in the blood vessels, air sacs, muscles, and even bone density.


3.       Smoking alters emotion.

Cigarettes contain nicotine that is responsible for making smokers feel better and be addicted to it. In addition, it also contains other dangerous chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, radicals, metals, and even radioactive compounds.


All these harmful compounds contribute in triggering chemicals that can cause a variety of effects to an individual. Sadly, most of the unseen effects reduce health in general while smokers only get to feel and notice the instant “wonderfully calm” feeling.

Smoking is a choice. You can choose not to take care of yourself and eventually suffer its consequences or you can make a stand not to let the social pressures get to you and enjoy a good and healthy life longer.

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